“Peace! Be still!”

There are times in life when everything seems to be stacked up against us.

Times when nothing seems to be going right… Or even times where things seem okay but at the last minute something major goes wrong!

At times like these I have to stay calm or I would find myself getting into a destructive mood.

It is at times like these, I hear the words whispered in my soul, “Peace! Be still!”

These were the words, it is told, that Jesus Christ used to calm the storm that was raging around the boat he was sleeping in after he had been awakened by those who had been panicked by the very same storm.

Another time these words come to me is when I am faced by someone who seems to be all out to annoy me either deliberately or unknowingly. Just as I am about to lose my cool and begin to rage, I will suddenly hear – “Peace! Be still!”

When I have been waiting for the bus for so long due to the fact that it is either late or a slot on the timetable has been skipped thus making me late…as I step on the bus that arrives I hear – “Peace! Be still!”

When I am working on the computer to a tight deadline and the system crashes setting me back in what I am doing – just before I do something to the screen, keyboard or mouse that I will regret, I hear those words again – “Peace! Be still!”

Many times and in many situations those words have prevented me from getting into real trouble but I cannot put my hand on my heart and say I have always kept my peace. As I have reacted out of frustration, anger or panic many times, reacting in such a way that I have caused damage to something, someone or myself. If only I had kept my “Peace” and “Stayed Still”.

This has also made me more aware of another saying Be angry, and do not sin put another way “don’t sin by letting anger control you.” And the next phrase after this actually says “Don’t let the sun go down while you are still angry” basically “…don’t stay angry. Don’t go to bed angry”.

Like I said I know life can be real tough and ‘unfair’ sometimes. And yes, it can be just like a storm raging around us so I have learnt to look at things this way – With the storms come the rains but without the rains there is no water. Without water, no freshness – And without freshness, things dry up and die!

Or on a more positive note – With the storms come the rains; with the rains, water; with the water, freshness – And with freshness, growth and life!

Until next time remain blessed.


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