Evelyn Community Revival is committed to working with you to achieve a better neighbourhood for you to live in. Your participating in this interview will help us develop our plans and ensure Community Revival works to address the most important priorities to meet local people’s needs. We have a number of questions about your views on the local area which will take 10-15 minutes. All information will be presented statistically and not used for any other purpose except this research, unless you want specific help at a later time.
Do you live in Evelyn Ward (in Lewisham, London)?

If Yes, please write your post code in comment box... 

1.    What do you think are the three best things about living in your area? (Please list)
2. What 3 things would make the neighbourhood a better place for you and your family?
3. Below is a list of possible improvements for your neighbourhood?
(Please let us know which you think should be the top 3 priorities based on your needs- please tick)

4. Please indicate which of the following activities on a scale of 1 – 5 are the most important to you & the local area.

(1 being "Not Important" and 5 "Really Important")
Facilities for pre-school children
Facilities for 5 – 12 year olds
Activities for 13 - 19 year olds
Activities for older people
Activities for disabled people
Activities for carers
Activities for refugees and asylum seekers
Initiatives to support people into employment
Advice i.e. legal, debt
Cultural activities
Activities for Black and Minority Ethnic groups
Social events and events that bring people together
Any Other:
(Please write in comment box)

5. Have you anything else you want to say about your neighbourhood?
6. How can you get involved in changing our community?
7. Representation and Diversity of Local Community

In order to assess how we are responding to different sections of the community, please be kind enough to tell us the following. This information will remain confidential and your personal details will be treated in line with the Data Protection Act.
Do you rent your property?
If Yes, Who is your landlord:
If No, do you own your property?
Are you a Leaseholder?
Age range (please tick):
Does anyone in the household consider themselves as having a disability?
Tick all boxes that apply

Do you require any particular communication arrangements?
E.g. translation, large print, Braille, etc.
Ethnicity (please tick):

Be sure to click Submit to see your results!

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