British Land acquires Dock Office and associated buildings on Surrey Quays Road

British Land has recently completed on the purchases of both the Dock Manager’s Office and 1-14 Dock Offices behind Surrey Quays Road and Deal Porters Way in Canada Water.

The acquisition of these historic Grade II listed buildings, which were previously on the edge of the Canada Water Masterplan site, means the Dock Offices can be integrated into the masterplan proposals.

Roger Madelin, Head of Canada Water Development at British Land, said: “This purchase represents an exciting opportunity to consider these historic buildings as part of the masterplan for the area. A key focus will be how the masterplan public realm can be enhanced to provide more of a setting for this important piece of the docks’ heritage.”

There is no intention to change the appearance of the buildings, which in any case are listed and therefore benefit from significant protection in terms of planning. The status of the tenants within the building will remain unchanged and British Land expects to continue with the existing maintenance arrangements and suppliers. British Land’s asset management team will be visiting the tenants over the coming weeks to introduce themselves.

Overall, the project team are continuing to review the masterplan proposals. Topic sessions will take place along with further consultation on the masterplan in winter 2016/17, ahead of a planning submission expected in 2017. To register for updates if you have not already done so, please email or call Soundings on 020 7729 1705.

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