Study on free accredited course, Improving Housing Services, with London Metropolitan University

Interested in how the housing sector works? Or would you like to learn more so you can challenge how the Lewisham Homes run their services? Here is an opportunity for their residents to take part in a free accredited course.

Graduates who finished the course in July 2016
Graduates who finished the course in July 2016 | Photo credit: © Lewisham Homes

Lewisham Homes is working in partnership with London Metropolitan University to deliver a three day course, funded by Lewisham Tenants Fund. The course is tailored specifically for Lewisham Homes’ residents, carries five credits towards a degree and was developed to inform residents and give them a better understanding of housing issues as well as the work of Lewisham Homes.

So far, 28 graduates have completed the course and have gone on to:

  • Study for a Level 3 qualification in Housing
  • Study for a degree with the Open University
  • Secure full time employment with housing providers, one at Lewisham Homes
  • Join our Resident Scrutiny Committee
  • Apply for our resident board position

Lewisham Homes highlighted Sharon Onumonu experience on their website. She now works full time for a housing provider having graduated from the course in July 2016. She is reported to have said: “It was a straight forward course and the teaching was excellent. There was room for questions and answers and we learned all about housing law, antisocial behaviour and how the organisation tackles and respond to various issues. Where our rent goes was also interesting and responding to customers’ expectations.”

“It was taught at an easy pace and the course work was self-explanatory. I gained some useful insights on how the housing market works and how Lewisham Homes implement policies and procedures to shape services provided to customers. Being taught by a lecturer from the London Metropolitan University was a highlight too.”

For dates of the next courses click here or contact the Community Investment team on 0800 028 2 028 for more information.

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