evelyn community revival

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How evelyn community revival developed:

In September 2014 a group of residents and small community organisations came together in response to concerns about how the area was being starved of resources, local service providers were making decisions about service delivery that were disconnected from residents needs and disconnected from the wider community and their aspirations. This was coupled with concern about new developments in the immediate area and how local residents might gain some benefit from these, and the capacity of local community organisations to advocate on behalf of themselves, their client group and the wider community around these issues. In January the group decided to formalise itself in to a constituted group and importantly that its membership was composed of representatives of local organisations acting as both a network, partnership, skill sharing and support group and a united and diverse advocate for the needs of the area.

The purpose of evelyn community revival:

It is important that local residents are able to benefit from local regeneration and local organisations delivering services to the existing community work together to maximise the benefit to local residents.

The areas of focus of the organisation are

  • improving the opportunities for young people and children and their families,
  • supporting people living on a low-income,
  • improving local well –being and
  • creating opportunities for local residents to age well

The charity will achieve this through the promotion of training, volunteering, building capacity and enriching lives through the arts.

The objectives of the charity are to:

  • Bring together other organisations and individuals in Evelyn ward to improve the lives of people living in the area;
  • Build capacity of people living in the area to develop projects and local solutions
  • Build community cohesion and resilience
  • Encourage volunteering by people living in the area to support local projects
  • Facilitate cross organisation co-operation
  • Facilitate sharing information and skills
  • Facilitate raising of resources for the area
  • Campaigning on issues that impact on the local community

Membership of evelyn community revival is currently made up of the following organisations Evelyn Parents Forum, Deptford Family Project, Daubeney Tower TRA, Co-oPepys, and FOWI. There is an expectation that this will increase as the work of the group unfolds.

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