HSBC branch on Deptford High Street to close

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The HSBC branch on Deptford High Street | Photo credit: © Crosswhatfields?

The Deptford High Street branch of HSBC is due to close in April this year. And it is making a whole lot of people unhappy. Especially the traders on the high street – a fact pointed out by Sue of Crosswhatfields?

“…as most of these small businesses can’t afford to operate card transactions and rely on the bank for depositing cash takings.”

And she goes on to state,

“More worrying, though, is the future of this modestly handsome old building that sits at the civic heart of the street. As with the Halifax, its planning class is A2 Professional Services (eg Financial services) and the most likely new tenant or owner could well be a betting shop or pawnbroker (who somehow fit into this category).”

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