Three injured in crash between sports car & Met Police vehicle in Deptford

As blue sports car apparently smashes police car into traffic light

The dented police car and the sports car with parts of it in the street | Photo credit: © Jack Marian @JackMarian2

On Monday 18 January at around 2.50pm in the afternoon, three people were injured, including two Metropolitan Police officers, as a blue Mazda sports car smashed into a police car responding to an emergency call.

The accident which took place at the four-way junction where Deptford Church Street meets Deptford Bridge left the Mazda with the bumper hanging off and bonnet lying in the street; while the police car was dented on both sides. With a traffic light also knocked down.

Photo credit: © Jack Marian @JackMarian2
Emergency services at the scene of the crash with the blue Mazda (centre) | Photo credit: © Jack Marian @JackMarian2

Lawrence Williams, from Sevenoaks, who spoke to the News Shopper, said,

“I arrived literally minutes after, steam was rising from the crashed Mazda and a clearly shaken female officer was sitting on the pavement. 

“The Mazda looked like it had smashed the police car into a traffic light as there was damage to both sides of the police vehicle. 

“It looked like all side impact; the airbags had been deployed in the police vehicle.”

Emergency services at the scene | Photo credit: © Taximassive MM @taximassive
Emergency services at the scene | Photo credit: © Taximassive MM @taximassive

The woman driving the blue car was treated at the scene by London Ambulance Service paramedics.

Whilst the police officers were taken to south London hospital for treatment of their injuries that were neither life-threatening nor life-changing – as pointed out by a Met Police spokesman.

The Deptford Bridge area was closed off as 15 firefighters, two fire engines and a fire rescue unit from the London Fire Brigade (LFB) also attended the scene of the crash.

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