Pepys Estate to celebrate its 50th year


Did you know when the Pepys Estate was first opened in July 1966 it was “dedicated to the peaceful enjoyment and well-being of Londoners”? It was called Pepys Estate in homage of visits of Samuel Pepys, a well-known English writer, which was famous for his Pepys Diaries. He wrote about 17th century events like the Great Fire of London and the plague. Pepys was close friends with John Evelyn, a great writer and gardener who also lived in Deptford.

To commemorate this rich history and the 50th Anniversary of Pepys Estate we’re are organising a day of enjoyment and a series of activities and events throughout the summer for ‘Londoners’ and Deptford locals. We want to encourage the community to come together and celebrate the heritage of the Pepys Estate and Deptford. The festival will be a fun day with village games, arts and crafts, Pepys Puppet show, The Pepys film, performances, music and much more.

There will also be a £50 prize for the winner of the best homemade cake to mark Pepys Estate 50th Anniversary.

So, join us to celebrate!

Volunteers and donations are more than welcome!

Please visit .

If you want more information, please contact Luciana Duailibe at Co-oPepys Community Arts Project – 1A Daubeney Tower, SE8 3QN; mob 07913 59 54 28 or at the email

Let’s have fun!!!

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