Councillor Crada Onuegbu affirms she is back to represent Evelyn Ward

Evelyn Ward Councillors: Jamie Milne, David Micheal, with Crada Onuegbu in the middle.

Following some confusion about Cllr Crada Onuegbu “ability” to fulfil her role as an Evelyn Ward Councillor, especially as in the minutes of the a council meeting on 23rd September 2015 it was agreed to grant her a 6-month leave of absence from January 28th 2016 to July 28 2016. As her last attended council meeting, was the Licensing Committee on July 29 2015.

Cllr Crada Onuegbu
Cllr Crada Onuegbu

And though at the last Evelyn Assembly Coordinating Group meeting on 29th January this year, Cllr David Michael confirmed that Cllr Onuegbu was now able to attend meetings.; the leave of absence granted to her has caused concern and a bit of confusion. With many believing that the ward would not have full representation for over a year i.e. from July 2015 to July 2016.

So I got in touch with Cllr Onuegbu, and this was her reply:

“Good morning Charlz,

Thanks for bringing this to my attention.

I had a serious treatment and as a result have been off work. I went back towards the end of January.

As of now I can’t attend every meeting. But by the Grace of God I will get there.

Both Jamie and I will attend the Council’s Full meeting on 24th February.

And David Michael will be chairing Evelyn’s Local Assembly, so he should be present.

If anyone is concerned, please ask him or her to come and see me at the Councillors’ Advice Surgery at the 2000 Community Action Centre on 27th February between 11am and 12 pm.

Please pass on my apologies.

Many thanks.


As you can see in her own words, Cllr Onuegbu is back! Albeit during the time she has been granted leave to be absent.

And if you are wondering why she was granted the leave of absence, this is due to the fact that, Section 85 of the Local Government Act 1972 states that:

“If a member fails to attend any meeting of the authority for a period of six consecutive months from the date of his/her last attendance, he/she shall cease to be a member, unless the failure is due to a reason approved by the authority. Approval must be given before the expiry of the six months, otherwise a vacancy would have to be declared on the expiry of the six months and a by-election held.”

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