Death of long-serving Evelyn Ward Councillor Crada Onuegbu confirmed.

With Lewisham Councillors to pay respects at next full council meeting

Evelyn Ward Councillors: Jamie Milne, David Micheal, with Crada Onuegbu in the middle.
Crada Onuegbu
Cllr Crada Onuegbu

Earlier today we published that we had heard reports that Crada Onuegbu, who had been a Labour Councillor for  Evelyn Ward since 4th May 2006 was dead!,

We immediately got in touch with the other two Councillors of the Ward to verify the story and also pointed out our observation that very little was said on the Lewisham Council’s website

In response, we discovered that David Michael is currently away, with Jamie Milne holding down the fort and Jamie got back to us as soon as he could with this message:

“I was informed that Crada did die on Sunday 28th. Crada always sought privacy where her health was concerned, so although the council website says very little it may be that she would have liked it that way.

The next meeting of the full council later this month will provide an opportunity for colleagues to pay their respects and say a few words about her service.”

Many in the Ward were concerned about her health, as it had been noticed that she had become quite inactive when it came to her duties as a councillor.

It had also been remarked that it might have been better she had not stood for re-election when she did back in May 2014 since she had been ill and absent from the council for a good length of time.

But, it would seem her sense of duty made her brave it and contest, win and try to take up her responsibilities again; although she did step down from being Cabinet Member for Youth in the London Borough of Lewisham.

She will be missed!


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