What do you think about the Lewisham Council tax reduction scheme?

A Lewisham Council Press Release

Lewisham Council is asking residents what they think about the council tax reduction scheme it will offer in 2017-18.

The scheme began in April 2013 when the Government abolished council tax benefit for people with no or low-income. At the same time the Government reduced the funding the Council gets for its council tax reduction scheme by £3.2million and has continued to reduce the funding every year since.

In its place, the Council introduced its own local council tax reduction scheme. The scheme is based on the old council tax benefit, but requires those of working age to make a minimum contribution of 52p per week towards their council tax to cover the government cut.

The Council is proposing to continue this approach in 2017-18. The minimum payment will depend on Government funding for the scheme next year, so could be more than 52p each week. The Council also wants to consider whether it needs to change the way the amount of council tax reduction is worked out for people receiving universal credit and in employment.

The council wants to know what you think before it confirms next year’s scheme and is conducting a short online survey which closes 30 September 2016.

The survey can at www.lewisham.gov.uk/counciltaxconsultation

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