Candidates for the Brockley Ward 2016 by-election

Photo credit: Leigh Harries via / CC BY-SA

Below are the candidates nominated to contest the by-elections to fill the casual vacancy that arose in Brockley ward following the resignation of councillor Alicia Kennedy.

Name of Candidate


Where they live

DEAN Bobby Liberal Democrats SE8 4BF (Evelyn Ward)
HUGHES Andrew David Conservative Party SE13 6EW (Lewisham Central Ward)
MANSON JONES Rebecca Women`s Equality Party SE4 2AL (Ladywell Ward)
MCGEEVOR Sophie Elizabeth Labour Party SE4 1TE (Brockley Ward)
PHIPPS Clare Lorraine The Green Party SE23 2PS (Perry Vale Ward)
WAINE Hugh UK Independence Party (UKIP) SE4 2PB (Telegraph Hill Ward)

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