Labour wins Brockley & Evelyn by-elections in Lewisham

The Lewisham Labour Group: with Vicky Foxcroft MP for Lewisham, Deptford, between Sophie McGeevor (in red, to her left) and Joyce Jacca (to her right). Also in picture: Cllr Alan Hall (3d from right) and other Labour Group members and supporters. | Photo credit: © Lewisham Labour Group

Yesterday, Lewisham Labour candidates, as expected, were voted into the seats contested in the by-elections held in both Brockley and Evelyn wards. With a turn-out of less than 20% of the registered voters on the electoral roll, the Labour candidates took the seats with a comfortable but not overwhelming margin in both wards.

In Brockley ward, Sophie McGeevor won with 47.8% of the vote (1190 of the 2492 ballots issued)

While in Evelyn ward, which includes Lewisham’s river front in Deptford, a local activist, Joyce Jacca, had 53.1% (1028 of 1935 ballots issued).

The actual turnout in Brockley was 19.9% of the 12,518 registered voters in there. While it was only 16.5% of the 11,716 registered voters in Evelyn ward.

Councillor Alan Hall said: “I welcome Sophie McGeevor and Joyce Jacca as Labour’s new Councillors. Lewisham Labour Group has two talented women joining the team. I know that they are formidable campaigners and will be strong advocates in across Lewisham Deptford.”


For the full results of the two Lewisham Council by-elections click ward name below:

Brockley ward   |   Evelyn ward



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