Lewisham ‘must put its money where its mouth is’ & use the Fair Tax Mark to stop tax dodgers!

So says, Councillor Alan Hall...(In a Lewisham Labour Press Release)

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Cllr Alan Hall is Lead Non-Executive Councillor on Lewisham Council and he is also chair of Lewisham Co-operative Party (affiliated to the Labour Party)

Lewisham Council must ‘now put its money where its mouth is’ and lead the vanguard of a grassroots revolution to stop company tax evasion and avoidance which harms the welfare of residents, according to its leading scrutiny councillor Alan Hall.

“We have just unanimously agreed in a council motion to strengthen our policies and check on suppliers and contractors for tenders and contracts over a certain amount to see whether they are compliant on matters of tax evasion and avoidance,” said Councillor Alan Hall.

“Already in July we signed up to the Fair Tax Mark of which the key element is the need for basic transparency about company structure and ownership.

“Tax dodging costs the UK about £30 billion a year and that means less money for the NHS and the welfare of our elderly, for example. Councils like Lewisham who are leading the way in adopting these policies must lead by example and ensure all the companies it does business with are compliant with the Fair Tax Mark.”

Lewisham has also agreed to incorporate co-operative values and principles when planning services and in its engagement with local residents and to publicise existing co-operative good practice within the council and across the borough.

For the full text of the motion that Lewisham Council agreed to unanimously click here.

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