Ambitious plans to transform Lewisham & South London rail services are once in a lifetime opportunity

Lewisham Labour Press Release

London Overground train pulling into Brocley Station, the possible new high level interchange

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New plans to transform the railways in Lewisham and south London will give residents south of the river a transport system to rival the connectivity of the tube in North London according to Lewisham councillors.

Councillor Alan Hall is the elected Chair of Lewisham Council’s Overview & Scrutiny Committee, which consist of 45 non-executive Councillors.

Councillor Alan Hall, Chair Lewisham’s powerful Overview and Scrutiny Committee will recommend that the Council’s Mayor and officers grab this ‘once in a generation chance’ presented by the Centre for London’s Turning South London Orange report (click here for PDF).

The recommendations will go to Lewisham’s Mayor and Cabinet on Wednesday 23rd March where Cllr Alan Hall will speak to the report.

The report not only urges the handing over of the south London suburban rail network to TfL for incorporation in the London Overground network but also proposes transforming Lewisham into a strategic transport hub for southeast London.

Some highlights include a travellator linking Goldsmiths college to New Cross and New Cross Gate and another one linking Lewisham Station with south Lewisham. A new high level interchange at Brockley is a possibility.

The report shows that passenger demand for existing overground and southern suburban railways will grow between 80-100% over the next three decades.

The Overview and Scrutiny Committee considered the report on the same day, Thursday 10th March, that Lord Adonis, Chair of National Infrastructure Commission launched his own report Transport for a World City (click here to read) which concludes that the London Plan should include a detailed examination of…the Bakerloo Line extension to Lewisham.

Cllr Alan Hall said: “I want us to be ambitious for Lewisham’s future. The success of the London Overground in improving services can be repeated on a grander scale and I urge Lewisham’s Mayor to grab this opportunity with both hands by ensuring the full attention of the council on this project.

“This is one project that will not drop in our laps – it needs political leadership to get local authorities in south London working together and presenting a united face to Government.

“It should also be seen in the context of the proposals to extend the Bakerloo Line as recommended by the National Infrastructure Commission. South London’s transport infrastructure is beginning to groan under the strain of the demands put upon it.  Failure to do this will cause severe strain and congestion and hinder housing growth.

“But if we do go ahead, the economic benefits will be tremendous, supporting a necessary expansion in house building and growth in jobs.  If we grab these opportunities it means that Lewisham and our residents can really go places.”


For further information please contact Councillor Alan Hall:


To read the what the formal referral report to Lewisham’s Mayor, Sir Steve Bullock, will say, go to page 2…

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