Property & Job:plus Advert Payment Page

This is the page you will need to use to pay for listing an advert in Homes&Premises as well as in Jobs:plus.  Please select the length of time you require for your listings to be displayed and click on the button  to make your payment…

1 week – £5.99

[wp_cart_button name=”1 week ” price=” 5.99″]

2 weeks – £10.99

[wp_cart_button name=”2 weeks” price=”10.99″]

3 weeks – £16.99

[wp_cart_button name=”3 weeks” price=”16.99″]

4 weeks – £20.99

[wp_cart_button name=”4 weeks” price=”20.99″]

5 weeks – £24.99

[wp_cart_button name=”5 weeks” price=”24.99″]

6 weeks – £29.99

[wp_cart_button name=”6 weeks” price=”29.99″]


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