Documentary by local film maker to feature in community kitchen fundraiser!

Press Release

As part of the Deptford People Project’s official fundraiser on the 30th of July, a documentary created by One Teaches One will be shown at the Deptford Cinema.  The event which would be raising money for the community kitchen, the Deptford People Project & celebrating everything that is real about Deptford and the people who live there.

The film approaches the current changes that have been happening in Deptford, London, from the perspective of the members of a community group created to try to bridge the gap between the newcomers and the community that already existed in the area.  The group uses food as a way of introducing people to each other thus generating a platform where members of the community can support one another.

One Teaches One, the producers of the documentary, use film and creative art forms as tools to build and empower people, both locally and worldwide.  They specialise in films and documentaries that approaches social current affairs with the aim to give voice to the unheard.  The projects that they embark on celebrate history, tradition and culture to bring awareness to people to support them to overcome the hurdles of their lives.

The event would also feature a variety of artistes and art forms would be starting in the Bird’s Nest Pub from 3pm and would then continue at Deptford Cinema from 8pm.

To find out more about One Teaches One, phone: (+44) 7466 576 393 or

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