Brockley Max fundraiser with Martin Rowson – the ‘scourge of the political establishment’

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Photo credit: © Emyr Young
Martin Rowson | Photo credit: © Emyr Young

A year on from attacks on cartoonists in Paris, Martin Rowson, one of the UK’s leading cartoonists and political satirists and ‘scourge of the political establishment’, will give his thoughts on the power of giving and taking offence, along the way exposing the techniques, practice and purpose of caricature. As Martin says, ‘I often describe my job as a political cartoonist as “assassination without the blood”. I’m only half joking’.

[pullquote] Brockley Max is an annual community arts festival which combines music, art, performance and exhibitions.

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The festival runs from 27 May to 4 June 2016. Launched in 2001, the festival takes place across venues in Brockley, Crofton Park, Ladywell and Honor Oak, south‐east London.

The festival aims to attract and include residents and visitors of all ages by providing a diverse range of activities and opportunities to get involved. Several thousand people are expected to attend the festival during the nine days.[/pullquote]

In a world where it is all too common for people to claim a right not to be offended, how far can free speech go? Do we risk giving away too much when we ‘respect feelings’? What is the role of cartoons as visual journalism? How does satire help us to explore current events?

What responsibilities does the cartoonist have when it comes to people taking offence?

Followed by a Q&A, be prepared to be shocked, enlightened and thoroughly entertained!

This is a rare opportunity for an informal and intimate discussion with one of the UK’s most distinct political commentators and to help support this year’s Brockley Max festival.

As Moira Tait festival director says:

“I’m thrilled that Martin, a local resident, has agreed to hold this fundraiser in aid of the festival It promises to be a great evening.”

Martin Rowson has his work currently appearing in The Guardian, The Daily Mirror, The Independent on Sunday, The Morning Star and Index on Censorship. His books include graphic adaptations of The Waste Land and Tristram Shandy. Martin’s work is unflinchingly political; he describes himself as a ‘visual journalist’. His style is visceral and offensive. Be prepared to be shocked, enlightened and thoroughly entertained.

The discussion will be taking place on Wednesday, 10 February, from 8pm at the Ladywell Tavern, 80 Ladywell Rd, London SE13 7HS.

Tickets in advance at £10 or on the door £12 on Eventbrite  (Age 16+, subject to availability)

All ticket sales will go towards this year’s Brockley Max Festival.

For more details contact: Catherine Chin 07961 956088

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