Get parking fee refunds as you shop in Deptford…

...As the High Street goes digital...

A new digital high street app, MoreForMe, which encourages shoppers to spend locally as well as refunds on the parking fees they have paid for the trip, launching in Deptford this month.

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Lewisham Council has been working in partnership with Better Cities, a London-based smart city technology company, to roll out the MoreForMe app and will fund the initiative in Deptford High Street until the end of December 2016.

MoreForMe allows people to get money off their shopping in return for a minimum spend in shops, and to catch up on the latest news from participating retailers, each time they visit Deptford High Street.

The free MoreForMe app can be downloaded for free onto a smartphone or tablet from the Apple and Android app stores. And the app works once an activation QR code has been scanned

To get your refunds, scan the activation QR code at stickers on the parking meters in Frankham Street or in participating stores. Then check the Stores List on the App to find the shopping discounts (also found here on the MoreForMe website).

Then begin shopping, ensuring you purchase the stated minimum amount and ask at the till to scan the MoreForMe store code – thus getting money off your purchase price to refund your parking fee.

And the great thing is, you can continue shopping at other participating stores, saving everywhere you spend, effectively wiping out the parking fee. And with the added benefit of saving even more money, the more they spend.

All participating retailers will have the branded MoreForMe signage in stores, with more stores being added each week.


Another part of Lewisham where the MoreForMe app is also being rolled out by Better Cities Ltd is Blackheath Village.

Better Cities Ltd is a London-based Smart City technology company who have been working in the smart city space for eight years. They are a member of the Government’s Ministerial Smart City Forum and are a resident innovator at the Urban Innovation Centre in London, which is part of the Government’s Future Cities Catapult.


Current Deptford High Street retailers signed up to the initiative include:

  • J. Goddards
  • Agege Bread & Bakers
  • Amber Tree Cafe
  • CakesNMore
  • Central Vape
  • Curtains by Iris – Textiles
  • Danny’s Pound Shop Plus
  • Debonaire Designer Couture
  • Deli X
  • Ebis Collections
  • Jenny’s Cafe
  • Johnny’s DIY & Building Supplies
  • Kims Newsagent
  • Lewisham & Deptford Sewing Machines
  • London Velo
  • Manze’s
  • Red Carpet Boutique
  • rhubarb&CUSTARD Cafe @ Wavelengths
  • Swag City
  • Terry’s Discount Store
  • The Albany Cafe
  • The Birds Nest Pub
  • The Lounge Café
  • Wünderlust at The Big Red

Cllr Rachel Onikosi, Cabinet Member for the Public Realm, said:

We want to support our traders and encourage more people to shop locally. We have collaborated with local retailers and Better Cities on this initiative, which we think is a win-win all round. The shopper benefits by saving money on their parking fee from their purchases and retailers benefit by having customers who visit, dwell and spend more.”

Adrian Ulisse, CEO & Founder of Better Cities, said:

“We are delighted that Lewisham Council is one of the first local authorities to support this initiative. The MoreForMe app brings the rewards of collaboration and digitisation to high street businesses and addresses the disproportionate impact that parking has on shoppers. It puts the power back in the hands of local retailers by allowing them to set their own minimum spend and discount levels. We hope that shoppers will feel the benefit in their pockets for being one of the first in the UK to adopt such an innovative service which aims to help High Streets around the UK compete in this digital age.” |

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