Brockley Market Attracts Celebrities.

Well, well, who would think it; Brockley food market at Lewisham College car park on Loampit Vale open every Saturday between 10-2, has become a celebrity hangout.

This weekend as I slowly walked around the market doing my favorite thing, people and food watching; when who do I spy across the way? None other than British rapper Professor Green and his new wife Socialite Millie McIntosh one of the stars of reality TV programme Made In Chelsea.

Fresh raw milk, fresh raw cream and more from the Moo Man stall.  Why are they celebrities?

Well the Moo Man milk comes all the way from Pevensey in Sussex and this summer dairy farmer Steve Hook and his cows featured in a documentary which was shown at the Sundance Festival in the USA and here at Sundance UK all about running his farm and the wonderful relationship with his cows.  I described it as Darling Buds of May with loads of poo and mud. Oh and the star of the show, Ida, the cow! I wont ruin the end but take tissues with you if you get chance to see it.

It is being shown at the Greenwich Picture house tomorrow 24 October from 8.30pm. (see link below)

The real stars of the market are the fresh food and products; expensive for some but you pay for good quality. Locally sourced and produced, free range eggs, beautiful pork pies, fish,meat, veg, freshly ground coffee, freshly made cakes and breads, everything you need for a feast and then the hot food.

I’m slowly making my way around the market…the first week, I had a beautiful ham sandwich made with crusty bread and mustard,  yum yum! And last week I had the lamb flat bread, it was OK,  but don’t let me put you off it had a very big queue. I think next time I go, I’ll try the Burrito’s.

I’m just an ordinary person with not a lot of money but I’m more than prepared to pay 2.20 for a really decent cup of tea.  This tea is not made from bunging a tea bag in a polystyrene cup and left. Oh no! it’s poured into a modern teapot using leaves and is then left to brew to the exact time by the use of a stopwatch, then and only then, is it poured into a polystyrene cup, watch out it’s piping hot.

Let’s be proud of our local food market that is bringing fresh food, fresh produce and people into the area that may not normally come here, welcome.  it joins a list of great markets we have in the South East of London

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