Iceland recalls its Jim Beam Bourbon Ribs, warning customers not to eat them

...due to incorrect storage instructions on the 450g packs

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Iceland Foods Ltd has had to recall its exclusive Jim Beam Bourbon Ribs due to incorrect storage instructions on the 450g packs (with a ‘use by’ date of 25 March 2017).

The company which has four branches in The Quay Point coverage area – on Deptford High Street SE8, New Cross Road SE14, Old Kent Road SE15 and Southwark Park Road SE16 – took the decision based on the fact that although this is a frozen product, some products had been incorrectly labelled “Chilled product, keep refrigerated”, raising the risk of the product spoiling.

So if you have bought the 450g packs of the above product, do not consume them.

Return them to your nearest Iceland store for a full refund.

And if you have any concerns or queries please contact the Store Manager or call our Customer Care Line on 01244 842842.

Source: Food Standards Agency

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