The steam corvette Karteria, built in Rotherhithe, 1826…

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Karteria under steam, her sails furled, with the sailing ship Hellas in the background

Photo credit: © A Rotherhithe Blog

If you are a lover of the history of this local area, especially of the maritime variety…Then this blog by Andie Byrnes, who passionately writes about Rotherhithe history, will definitely interest you!

As she writes about the steam corvette Karteria, built in 1826, for the Greek War of Independence, by the ship builder, Daniel Brent, here in Rotherhithe. An article packed with a lot of details about the ship, her history with emphasis on the local connection.

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was a bit special. Not that any of the other ships built in Rotherhithe weren’t special, but Karteria was innovative in the same way as Rising Star, another truly remarkable ship built in Rotherhithe in the same tradition and by the same ship builder, Daniel Brent ( see my earlier post about Rising Star ).

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