Millwall | An update: 31 August 2016

Here are a few highlights of what has happened during this transfer window…


Jordan Archer | Photo credit: © @Jordan_Archer
Jordan Archer | Photo credit: via @Jordan_Archer

Jordan Archer – Yesterday, Jordon Archer signed a new contract which would keep him at The Den until the summer of 2019. The news has been well received by Lions’ fans judging by social media, after finding out whilst leaving the game last night.

At one time Lions’ fans feared that he may have decided to run his contract down which was due to end in the summer of 2017 & become a free agent.

Jordan Archer is a quality keeper but not the finished article and at this stage in his career he needs games and not sitting on the bench as a substitute keeper.


Photo credit: © @Lgreggers10
Lee Gregory | Photo credit: via @Lgreggers10

Lee Gregory – At the time of penning this, it looks like Lions’ hotshot, Lee Gregory, is not going anywhere in this transfer window. That gives hope to Lions’ fans that Gregory whose contract runs out next summer will renew his contract and sign an extension which Millwall will offer.


Byron Webster
Byron Webster | Photo credit: via @Official__MSC

Byron Webster – It is known that Sheffield United were keen to sign Lions’ Central Defender Byron Webster not long ago. As they made a bid to the club a couple of weeks ago which the board after informing Webster, turned the bid down.

It is rumoured they will make another bid to test the resolve of Millwall. Not long ago Webster signed a new deal and declared he was happy to stay at The Den.

The transfer window closes tonight at 11.00 pm

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