Match Report | Millwall v Gillingham

Friday 30th December 2016 | at the Den Kickoff 19.45 | Attendance 10,821

Millwall came into this game looking for 3 points from local rivals Gillingham which if we were successful would give us 9 points over the Christmas period. We all knew that Gillingham would be the hardest match out of the three games.

So it was to prove again, from the kickoff! The game was played at full pace. Gillingham always looking to attack.
Their midfield General, Bradley Dack, was playing in a four-man midfield. He occupied a wide position but was given license to roam and set up attacks. When you have a player in that position it’s not easy to man mark.

On the 13th minute, the Lions took the lead when full-back Cummings played a long high ball. And Morison just outside the Gills area got a flick on the ball to fall nicely for Lee Gregory, who then fired a low shot across the keeper for it to nest in the far corner.

Gillingham, as expected, never sat back and was constantly looking for ways through the Lions back four. Jake Hessenthaler & Josh Wright were busy in the middle trying to play in their front man Thomas. It should be said while all this was going on, Dack was moving about from one side to another.

In the 38th, Hessenthaler had a right footed shot from outside the box. Crosses were coming and Archer between the sticks for the Lions was dealing with them with no problem, the Lions central pairing with Hutchinson & Webster is getting better as each game goes by.

In the 44th minute, O’Brien fired off a right-footed shot on the Gills goal but it was blocked. Then in the 45th minute, Thompson had a right foot shot from outside the box which went just wide.

It was clear at half-time that the Lions would need to get a second goal to have a chance of victory.
Gillingham started off how they finished the first half.

The Lions were gradually increasing the pressure on Gillingham and they were beginning to get them on the back foot for me the turning point came in the 58th minute when Gills Defender Konchesky was booked for a foul. Which was to prove to be their undoing, but in the 63rd minute the Lions took a two-goal lead when Fred Onyedinma when he had a left foot shot from inside the 6 yard box and ended up on the floor in the process the keeper spilled the shot & somehow Fred got his left foot round it and had another shot.

Thankfully O’Brien was wired up right because he was in an offside position but he never attempted to play the ball and somehow the ball went in but the goal stood.

In the 66th minute Fred set off on a run down the Gillingham flank Konchesky was in full flight he went for the tackle brought Fred down & was shown a second yellow card & was off. In the 76th minute, Bradley Dack got a volley off from outside the area from a corner and went straight into the net so it was 2-1. The Lions held on but in the 94th minute Dack committed his second bookable offence and was off.

The Lions had recorded their 3rd win over the Christmas period & now move on to AFC Wimbledon on Jan 2nd & hopefully another 3 points will be heading our way.

Millwall Lineup: Archer, Cummings, Webster, Hutchinson, Craig, Onyedinma, Thompson, Williams, O’Brien, Morison, Gregory
Subs for Millwall: Ferguson for O’Brien, Worrall for Onyedinma, Butcher for Gregory

Gillingham Lineup: Nelson, Jackson, Ehmer, Cargill, Konchesky, Wright, Wagstaff, Hessenthaler, Dack, McDonald, Emmanuel-Thomas
Subs for Gillingham: Nouble for McDonald, Oshilaja for Hessenthaler, Donnelly for Jackson.

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