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By Del Strain - Comedian, Writer, Broadcaster

Firstly I write this as a football fan of a club that I love in my heart as it has become a part of me and the fabric of the world I have lived in for the last twenty odd years. I am no expert in finance big business or even how to run a football club and am purely a fan.

Del Strain
Del Strain

Millwall FC a love affair for myself that has been going twenty odd years! Since hallowed days of Hurlock and Cascarino, Carter and Sheringham when I moved here from Scotland… To me Millwall and their fans have always been passionate with a working class roots that does not suffer fools gladly.

As if this season hasn’t been full of enough ups and downs with Lomas appointment, which for me was never going to fly and such was frustration at some points like after The Derby game a lot of fans were “getting the right hump” as they say on the manor. So exit Steve Lomas and in Ian Holloway and we wipe our mouth for the first half of the season only to be served this curve ball about the redevelopment.

Millwall would basically lose ground they have already and facilities and the Chairman John Berylson quoted as being “appalled and bewildered”

We always assumed that we would be left to develop the land adjoining our stadium. The Council has said that we are at the heart of the community and core to their strategic plans for the Borough. So in good faith we have played our part, and incurred substantial costs, in supporting the overall plans for this urban regeneration. We haven’t been greedy. We have offered the Council a stake in our proposed developments. Quote unquote. A full summary can be found on the Millwall website.

Point is this has been coming up for some time but it seems to me now the present economic climate of councils being cut to the bone by Government policy it now looks as a cash cow to raise bread from house building and while of course a Football club needs community and local council support it’s a bit much to basically re-write the rules the week it is announced. There is a meeting on the 29th of Feb Save the Den campaign asking fans” not to attend that the club will make a response”-Pete Garston.

So some private company has desires on our bit of space as in this mad world property especially London is worth more than it ever should have been! And the way Millwall supported the local council over saving the local hospital it’s a slap in the face. Surely the clubs land is theirs to develop if any is done at all. And the local rail link that’s been built has pondered the question? Was this all planned from years ago and greed is at the forefront? Who knows! Some of the conspiracy theories I have heard over this have been belters. Everything from us moving to the South to it’s a ploy for us to be in League One.

So that tells me people are worried and no one really knows what’s going on? Let’s hope some private company who thought they could just take liberties will have a re-think as hopefully the council will as even with financial considerations the core support for Millwall FC is local to the area and when harnessed can be an awesome foe to take on.

Millwall FC is not just a club it’s a way of life and I truly feel if we were in bottom league with 500 people in Deptford Park we would still be Millwall. Let’s hope the car park and proposed development are too in a few years.

I don’t think it would serve anyone to upset what is a club on the up from its normal routine no matter the pressure to come up with money when the Government have cut everything to bail the rich bankers out surely yet again it won’t be the poor that suffer as that seems to be the pattern in last few years.

No One Likes Us We Don’t Care!!!


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