Millwall: the Perception & the Reality!

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This Saturday’s home game in the 1st Round of the FA Cup could be the last home game before Remembrance Sunday on 13th November. We are due to play Bristol Rovers at home on the 12th, but I should point out that game could and I underline could be postponed because of the International Break but this will be confirmed in the coming days.

Millwall Supporters are often perceived in the media as either racist, homophobic, or just plain hooligans. But nothing could be further from the truth. Which is never reported in the media is the support that the club and especially the fans of their support for the military forces of this country past & present.

Consider this Lions’ supporter, Sean McCarthy every year takes two weeks annual leave and sets up a poppy stall outside Cannon Street mainline Station. Apart from the normal poppy’s which he sells, there is also a number of poppy pin badges sold. He also does a line Millwall poppy badges and also sells poppy badges associated with other London clubs.

Last year he raised £65,637 for the poppy appeal which was £5,000 up from 2014 when he raised £60,000 for his work he was awarded the BEM this year.

Did you know that Millwall was the first football league club to donate part of their gate money to H4H (Help for Heroes) a few years ago?

Back on 19th August 2014, Millwall fans donated over £4,000 in just two hours to the Normandy vets who are taken back to France every year by the London Taxi Drivers Benevolent Fund. The Normandy vets are at the Den every May, but on this occasion, they were earlier than normal to raise funds to go to Holland in May 2015 for the 70th anniversary of VE Day but in Holland, the Dutch People consider 8th May 1945 as their Liberation Day.

On 9th November 2014, Millwall wore a one off camouflaged kit to raise money for Headley Court Rehab Centre for injured British military personnel. For every kit sold the club donated £10 to Headley Court, these kits sold out in a matter of hours. On Sept 26thb 2015 Millwall presented Headley Court a cheque for the sum of £36,905 .85p this money haCentred been raised by the club & fans. October 2015 on the official Poppy Day, in under two hours, the Lions’ fans donated £2,247.73p.

There is no doubt the support from Millwall Fans & the Football Club to the Poppy Appeals, H4H, Headley Court & various other charities for the military is second none.

Back in 2010, at the play-off final, H4H who were collecting at the final contacted the South London Press to inform them that Lions Fans on the way into Wembley Stadium and after the game donated over £9,000. The Chief Organiser for H4H on the day, Mr Philips said “The Millwall Fans” generosity was unprecedented. He went on to say this match was the 14th event this season where and his team had been collecting but the amount raised far surpassed previous collections.


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