Do we really need party politics at local council level?


With the recent fiasco in Evelyn Ward where a Councillor gets deselected just three months after being elected (as reported by Deptford Dame in her blog) and with the rhetoric and vitriol that sometimes gets spouted by some local “politicians” – one wonders if we really need these political parties or groups.

Truth be told, many of these local Wards are not too large for those who wish to represent them to actually engage with their constituents. But due to party politics, many do not see the need to do so, as these areas are seen and sometimes actually dominated by a single party.

The trouble with this system is that many times Wards get Councillors who are either: total outsiders with not a clue about the area they represent, careless about their duties as Councillors or just incompetent!

And in some cases, the story is reversed! As you might have a candidate who would stand up for the community they represent, losing an election due to their not being affiliated to the political group that is popular locally.

It is my conviction, that Councillors should be people who engage locally and champion local causes. Not just people raised or even brought in by a political group. They should be people known locally as having integrity and truly representative of that locality.

I believe it is about time people in local communities begin to vote for their local Councillors, and dare I say maybe even on a wider scale up to national level, not based on party affiliation but based on the candidate’s ability to strive to deliver what is promised and needed.


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  1. I think that at least one councilor should be from the area they are representing and it is also the duties of our councilors to know what is going on in their ward.
    they should also find a way of finding out what issues are effecting the residents and community apart from the once a month surgery.
    Their are a lot of changes and the community are being left out in the cold

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