All quiet on The Quay Point front…

Well, I have to be away for a few days, to attend my Dad’s funeral. Hence I won’t be active on twitter – @TheQuayPoint or on Facebook – The Quay Point (formerly 8.16news).

This would mean that “The Quay Point Daily” would also be suspended till Tuesday 16th of this month.

On my return, we would be gearing up for our début print edition as “The Quay Point“, which would be the August 2013 Edition to be made available both in print and online in PDF format in the last week of July.

As there would be 10,000 printed copies this would be a great chance to advertise your business, organisation, activities or event!

So email for our brilliant advertising prices and we will get back to you…

So see you again on Tuesday, next week,

Best regards

O’Quo-Charlz Uvieghara

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