Sir Francis Drake School in Deptford – Lewisham’s first Austerity build school – worse than anticipated!

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I am sending you through a series of images from Austerity School plan for Sir Francis Drake as it is absolutely worse than anticipated.

photo 4The Education Funding Agency (EFA) said they are building the shell of the building for 6 million and that the design is limited as Lewisham Council (LC) are putting zero monies to the build – LC will pay for planning cost only. EFA say it could have been a better build if LC had given school funding.

It is a concrete rectangular tomb, all squashed toward the railway end of the school. It is horrendous and an insult to the community it serves it is driven by regeneration of Surrey Triangle but there is no Section 106 money or Community Infrastructure Levy going in to it

They presented the planned 2 storey building with shadows in the background that apparently are Neptune Wharf Development, an 8 Storey Block and two 13 storey blocks across the road from the school.

photo 2The children currently attending the school will have to bring over the chairs, tables etc. that they are using at present, as there is no funding for new. Apart from that there is no recycle allowed! As the old kitchen is going and the beautiful parquet floor (50 years old perfect condition) everything will be handed over to the demolition company to sell.

The scheme is going to planning in 4 weeks and this is the first time parents have seen the plans! And have not been allowed to join any discussions until last Friday 30th November, as a pre-planning community involvement consultation they had to have, which effectively is to show you what has been decided – Not a consultation. All suggestions were greeted with a NO!

photo 3However curiously the consultation forms have a question Do you support the rebuild of the school (expansion from 210 students to 420 students? “Yes” or “No”, “if not why not?”

Nothing is online- nothing is available to view until planning application in 4 weeks.

Consultation forms have to get back to them by 7 December I have a hard copy and will get some filled in alongside Evelyn Community Revival consultation for the few days that are left?.

photo 1I would like the community to fight this but how?  It is really regeneration driven not birthrate driven –  (Lend Lease just built £40 million school in Wandsworth with an award from RIBA who have slammed Austerity school build which we are getting!)

It is a minuscule build  (3 toilets for 60 reception children), miniscule outside space and a plan to use park of Deptford park for two years!





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