Broken screens may lead to shattered dreams

Why we need funds and your help in raising some!

The Quay Point and our associated design service, heart‘n’design are facing one the greatest challenges ever! Like the title says, both our laptop and netbook have broken screens. Thus the laptop is being used as a desktop plugged into a monitor, while the netbook is totally out of commission.

The weirdest thing is that the night before the netbook got broken; I was actually looking on eBay for an Apple Mac system as a potential upgrade.

This is due to the fact that our main laptop is an old Sony Vaio running Windows XP. Whilst the netbook though newer originally with Windows 8, it didn’t have the adequate resources to run the software required by our design service. Hence it got used mainly for the local news website.

And now that both systems have lost their portability, this has meant a reduction of my ability to stay on top of things happening in the area.

A situation compromising the effectiveness of The Quay Point being the main port of call when one seeks news and views about what goes on in the area.

Also compromised is the ability of the design service providing the money which I have so far used to subsidise The Quay Point. As with such outdated equipment, there is a limit to what design jobs I can handle. Thus limiting the prices set as well as the funds brought in.

Hence, I find myself in a “catch 22” situation. Needing the equipment to work and gain the money needed to get the equipment needed to work and…You get my drift.

To make things worse, this financial situation is threatening our ability to remain at our home base of operation. This is why I am reaching out to you, asking for your help!

As we really need your aid for us to continue publishing this website. As well as move on to the next level – a FREE tabloid newspaper (similar to what was done with eight16news/8.16news back in 2011)

And how can you help?

In a number of ways –

By advertising:

If you run a local business or organisation, you can advertise with us online via the local:pgs classified section or a banner advert.

You can also use the classified section to advertise anything you have for sale.

You could also take out an advertorial, which gives more space to promote your business or services.

You can also advertise your job, apprenticeship and training opportunities in the jobs:plus section.

As well as your Home or a business Premises, in the Homes&Premises section of The Quay Point.

And you can advertise your events in the about town events listings section of QuayLiving on the website.

These sections will also be available in the FREE tabloid and if you are interested in advertising then use the contact page to request the rates. 

Another way to help is by becoming a Friend of The Quay Point! This can be done by either giving a one-off gift or by regularly supporting us.

You do not have to give a large amount to help. For as the saying goes, “Every Penny Adds Up!”

Once you give, your name gets added to the list of Friends to be added to this website (unless you choose to remain anonymous).

And you will receive a copy of The Quay Point newspaper, once we begin to print, sent to your address (for each donation of £5 or more) with a personalised Certificate of Appreciation from The Quay Point.

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