What do you want from your councillors?

A crowd sourced ‘code of ethics’ or ‘contract’ between candidates/representatives and the people of the area they represent

With there being a council by-election in Evelyn ward (Deptford) on Thursday, 13th October 2016.

Although all elected representatives are technically bound by the Nolan principles (click here to read), recently I have heard many people complain about the quality of representation they get from their councillors so I have created this simple survey to create a draft of a crowd sourced ‘code of ethics’ or ‘contract’ between candidates / representatives and the people of the area they represent.

This will include a commitment to participate in more fully developing this code by actively contacting more people, especially those usually marginalised or excluded from the political process, and using techniques appropriate for those marginalised groups.

I am hoping that many groups and individuals will get involved in publicising this survey and also going way beyond it and using the code as a new tool to hold representatives to account.

The survey asks for your postcode, so even if you do not know which ward you are in, just fill it in and we’ll do the rest.

I am hoping to have a draft code ready by 20th September to give plenty of time to contact candidates before campaigning begins.

To take part in the survey click here.

Thank you

James Holland


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