Evelyn Ward By-Election/Community-created Councillor Contract – What do you think?

Because the election is sooner than expected, candidates are already being selected and early survey results indicate that some issues need more detailed discussion with a much more varied set of people, I’ve decided that there’s not enough time even to produce a draft contract, Instead I’ve drafted a simple statement committing to a process, rather than an actual document.

  1. I commit to signing up to a community created contract for councillors, I encourage local groups and individuals to work together to fully involve everyone in detailed discussions on what this should contain – especially those often marginalised or excluded from politics.
  2. I commit to being directed in all my actions by the fully informed wishes of the people of the ward above all others and particularly those of the most marginalised.
  3. I commit to use a wide variety of methods appropriate to different needs to discuss issues fully with the people of the area throughout my term before making decisions, and I welcome local groups and individuals doing the same.
  4. I understand that the contract will include a commitment to step down if a certain number of people sign a petition for me to do so, triggering a bye election in which I can stand to defend my record.
  5. I confirm that I will always act in full compliance with the letter and spirit of the Nolan principles.

What do people think??

James Holland

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