Let’s Get Deptford Shipshape!

Anchor Management by Lewisham Scrutiny Head Hauls in Action by Mayor and Cabinet | A Cllr Alan Hall news release

Visualisation of the anchor without a plinth | Photo courtesy: Deptford is Forever/ via Cllr Alan Hall

Lewisham Council’s lead shipmate, scrutiny councillor Alan Hall has successfully urged the Cap’n, Mayor Steve Bullock, to look at restoring the famous Deptford Anchor to its home in Deptford High Street.

Pictured, left to right, are Cllr Alan Hall and, from the Deptford Society, Sue Lawes, Helena Russell and Keith Tillman | Photo courtesy: Cllr Alan Hall

“I am fully on board with the Deptford Society’s campaign to ‘Bring back our bloomin’ anchor!’ and have formally hoisted the flag on the matter at the town hall,” said Cllr Hall.

“Me and my shipmates on the overview and scrutiny committee agreed with the Deptford Society crew (pictured) that the Mayor should bring back the anchor to Deptford High Street. Now more than ever we need to reflect on the area’s historic maritime past and use it to inform our present and regenerate the future.

“The original reason given for the removal in 2013 of the much loved Deptford landmark was because it attracted street drinkers. I really don’t think we can blame the anchor for street drinking which is a problem to be addressed through other means. The restoration of the anchor is long overdue and as time and tide wait for no man, we put it to the Mayor and Cabinet to see what can be done. We received the following message which we will consider at our meeting tonight (13/12/16):

“Having been informed that discussions on relocation had been held with the Deptford Society, the Mayor agreed Officers would continue to work with the Deptford Society to see if the aspirations of residents could be met.”

“Well me hearties, let’s meet those aspirations and bring back the anchor to Deptford High Street”

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