A call to publish ‘Secret’ NHS Plans

As new analysis reveals £190 million gap


Lewisham Councillor Alan Hall, chair of the Lewisham Council’s Overview & Scrutiny Committee, has called for the full National Health Service (NHS) Sustainability and Transformation Plan (STP) for South East London to be published.

This was done at a Council meeting on Tuesday 19th July at the Town Hall, as Councillor Hall is also a member of the Joint Overview and Scrutiny Committee looking at Our Healthier South East London – NHS changes to local services across SE London.

He then asked for an analysis of the proposals available to date and that had revealed a £190 million funding gap yet to be identified.

He went on to say: “I understand in terms of the overall financial picture there is a significant funding gap – around £190 million. It must be remembered that all local authorities across South East London are also facing huge financial pressures in social care provision which does have a serious knock on effect to the NHS, including Accident & Emergency Services. It is vital that the public see the full options under consideration to make informed decisions on the future shape of our local NHS and council services.”

“I have asked the Department of Health to publish these NHS plan in full. Local residents deserve to be fully consulted.”

Campaign group 38 degrees is reported to have said: “Health Minister Jeremy Hunt has a secret plan to force through changes to local NHS services to cut costs. The changes – called “sustainability and transformation plans” – are being kept secret. But they could mean cuts to hospital beds, local walk-in centres or family planning services near you.

First drafts of the plans have already been drawn up across England. Because they’re secret, it’s hard to say exactly which services near you are at risk. But the plans for one area have been leaked and show the scale of the threat – they include axing 500 hospital beds and some emergency ambulances. No wonder Jeremy Hunt doesn’t want us to see them”


Editor’s Note: 38 Degrees also have a petition asking local Members of Parliament “to make sure that the ‘Sustainability and Transformation Plan’ in their area protects all frontline services and is in the best interests of patients.”

Here is the link to the petition calling Lewisham Deptford MP, Vicky Foxcroft to do so – 38 Degrees


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