Lewisham Labour says Save New Cross Post Office!

Campaigners in front of New Cross Post Office

Lewisham Council yesterday passed a motion unanimously opposing the closure and franchising of New Cross Post Office.

In January, the Post Office announced its plan to close and franchise 37 Crown Post Offices across the country, including the branch in New Cross.

The closure would be bad for the local community. New Cross Post Office is well-used and much valued by the local community. Over a thousand local residents have signed a petition opposing the closure.

The closure would be bad for staff. It would see good quality, skilled jobs with decent pay being replaced by insecure jobs at or close to the minimum wage. The closures put over 400 jobs at risk across the country.

The closure would be bad for the local economy. The Post Office increases footfall on New Cross Road. Its closure would have a detrimental impact on local businesses.

Cllr Brenda Dacres said; “New Cross Gate Post Office provides a vital service to the local community, and to loose such services will gravely impact residents and local businesses. We must in conjunction with the CWU  and the local campaign to support the post office workers, local residents and businesses to get the closure of New Cross Gate Post Office reconsidered.”

Cllr Joe Dromey said; “closing New Cross Post Office would be bad for staff, bad for our local economy, and bad for our community. We’ve invited the Chief Executive of the Post Office to visit the post office and discuss their plans with us. Over a thousand local residents and the Communication Workers Union have called on them to think again. We hope they will listen.”

Vicky Foxcroft MP said; “I will continue to work with the community, local Councillors & the CWU to fight to protect New Cross Gate Post Office”

Mole Mead, CWU Representative said; “It is great news that the motion in Lewisham council was carried unanimously in defence of Crown Post Offices in the borough. As a Lewisham resident and CWU representative. We are pleased that our local representatives have got behind the campaign in the defence of New Cross Gate and Sydenham Crown Post Offices. This is truly a victory for local democracy and had  unanimous cross-party support, in the first steps in defending this vitally important local services.”

You can sign the petition to Save New Cross Post Office here.

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