Today 22 May 2014: A time for change or more of the same?

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At 7:00am today the polling stations open. Some might go in to vote early, others during the day and some late before the polls close at 10:00pm tonight. And what is also clear there are some who will not bother to vote at all.

And why is this? The belief that voting doesn’t bring about any change! A belief that all politicians and their parties whilst spouting off different political ideologies, tend to always do the same on receiving the mandate to take office. What is more, many candidates are seen as career politicians who simply want to be in office t further these careers rather than actually represent the constituents they stood for. As many of these candidates get “parachuted” in by their parties, thus are not local and know little or next to nothing of local concerns and issues.

BUT…Before you think I am saying there is no real point in voting, I would like to draw a few things to our attention…

In all the three boroughs (Royal Greenwich, Lewisham and Southwark) that we cover along the Thames banks, we have the chance to reconstitute the borough councils that run (or some may say ruin) our lives on a local level. And in Lewisham, there is also the chance to vote in or retain the Executive Mayor.

Another thing is the rise of local, and in some cases, one policy parties: Some of these parties coming into existence, when members of a campaign group decide they want to have the power to implement the policy of that group.

There is also the fact that in many wards even if the vote goes along the same party lines would still gain a change of personnel.

I have always believed the individual candidate is actually more important than the party they purport to be part of. As an individual’s character will determine how they conduct themselves in office. In saying this, I must admit a total party ideologue actually scares me, as they always tow the party line even when it is detrimental to society! Whilst a person who is and stays in touch with their constituents, listens attentively to them and stands up for them, is more the type of person I would be comfortable voting for.

This is why I strongly believe before you vote or choose not to vote, really think about what you are about to do. Think carefully about who could be running things due to the decision you make today.

You see, sometimes, a change in the people running things can bring about micro shifts in the way things get done and can move things closer to the way you believe it should be done.

So as you go through today

Make sure you have your say

By casting a vote either which way

Because if you abdicate having a say

You complaints, won’t have much effect after today



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